Options and Pricing

This work can be approached in different ways. The choice you will make ( I can also advise you on this) depends on several factors:

  •  Time factor: How long you’ve had the issue(s) you want to clear ( in general, the longer you’ve had them, the longer they take to clear, so the more recent they are, the faster they clear)
  •  Depth factor: How severe those issues  are and how they came about (sometimes, if an issue arose as the result of a long-buried trauma, we will need to do some digging and clear the actual trauma before we can deal with the issue in an effective way)
  •  Personal interest factor: Whether you are  interested in getting personally involved in the clearing of many issues so you can understand yourself/your history and experience what this work can actually accomplish or whether you just ‘want1 or 2 issues to go away’.
  •  Commitment factor: Whether you are willing to and committed or not to invest a few hours every week  to communicate with me and ‘do the work’.

So think about the questions above to help you make your decision

Option 1 – “Describe Your issues and Watch”

If you just have a couple of issues that are bothering you and are not interested in learning the ins and outs of  the process (in other words, if you want your car ‘running better’  but do not want to look into the engine along with the mechanic) and are not searching for optimum  personal performance, this option will be for you.

So  let’s say you have just a general anxiety or stress issue: It will be much better to choose this option that keep on taking anxiety pills for years on end. This option, because it is short, might not clear all your anxiety symptoms, but it will definitely lessen them, even after the period of  clearing is over.

Read HERE a comment from a client who chose that option.

What Will Be Needed:

I will ask you to send me a detailed email (instructions on what to include will be given to you) or have a 30 min. phone conversation with me, so we/you define 2 or 3 areas on which you want me to work. I will do clearings on these areas for a 10 day intense period.

There is nothing for you to do but sit and observe what shifts. I do all the work!


$195 + 2.5 % of your  net monthly income

How to pay:

Payment is to be made at the very start of the work. I accept checks and credit cards (Visa or M/C) or payment via paypal (www.paypal.com  – acct # : lightofthespring@hotmail.com)


Option 2 –  “Jumping In”

(being scared is normal and totally expected!)

To use a word you might be familiar with, . . .this option is a form of life-coaching but adapted to the particularities of the work I do. Please note that this process  is so different  that there isn’t anything I can compare it to without distorting it.

Rather than having a once  a week phone session with me as in life-coaching, you will have on-going communication with me through  emails, and by phone on a per need basis (determined by you or myself or both). I do not restrict the communication in any way at all because the rhythm you will ‘fall into’ will be revealing in itself and we can work on it being too frequent or not enough, depending on your process.

We will use everything that happens in your life to resolve your issues as they are active. There are practically no restrictions  on what we can and will work on (except some obviously  irreversible physical ailments). The unfolding of your  clearing process  will depend on a combination of who you are, what your issues are, and what our communication  is like (this is an aspect I will be paying close attention in order to create the most effective relationship between us)

You and I together will form a partnership focused on your well-being, so this option requires commitment on your part,  in time  but also in ‘desire’ (in other words, you have to WANT to do this work, I cannot do it for you as  I need information only you can give me).

This format is completely personalized to your needs of the moment.

  • We might spend time on the phone discussing your issues, depending on needs…We speak to strengthen our connection and get in the groove of working together in the most effective way. At this time, we do almost all the work by email, aside from a phone call here and there, when issues call for it.
  • You agree to write me emails every two to three days to let me know of any changes/any new problems arising…I do expect close communication!
  • From our phone conversations and your emails, I will email you back some clearing focuses which you will do yourself (on top of general ones I will do for you). Sometimes, I will also give you assignments, with your agreement, of course.

With this format, you are expected to spend 15 to 30 minutes every day or every other day to either email me what has been going on in your day to day life, issues that have arisen and so forth and to do the clearing focuses I send your way.

We will work on whatever issues are active and bothering you on a day to day basis.

I often meet my clients in person once, but this is not necessary, and rarely  happens right away. I will ask you for a photo if we cannot meet face to face.

I ask for a 3 month minimum commitment because it takes about a month (sometimes way less, it all depends on the person) to get to really know each other and clear any possible trust issues and also for you to get used to  look at your life every day and in a different way. After  that time, the sailing becomes much smoother, you begin to be ‘in’ the process and we can really start to turn your life around, one aspect at a time.

Fee ( as of Jan 2012):

$195 + 2.5 % of Net Monthly Income

So if you make:

– $1 000/month, you will pay $195 + $25 = $220

– $4 000/month, you will pay $195 +  $100 = $295

I DO NOT accept clients based on their income but strictly on their need, the nature of their issues   and their potential to flow well with the unique characteristics  of this work.

If you are in a relatively wealthy bracket, by working with me, you will allow  lower income clients to do this work, so you truly spread your wealth to others;

How to pay:

Payment is to be made at the very start of the work. I accept checks and credit cards (Visa or M/C) or payment via paypal (www.paypal.com – acct # : lightofthespring@hotmail.com)

Please note:

As you will see you can rely on me to be  VERY present while working with you, I am asking that you be honest with the amount of your net income. I offer this sliding scale type of fee in order to help clients who do not have a big income  . . . so if you are lucky enough to have a decent income, please pay your fair share.

The usual fee for life-coaching is never below $300/month, for four sessions of 40 minutes by phone. I do this work because I believe in helping people who want and need help, and are ready to embark on a journey of real change.

So money is not my motive here, but it is something I need to have, like all of us. The pricing I came up with is the fairest and kindest I can think of. Please respect it, so that others who do not have your income can benefit from this work as well.

 My Specialties

  • Women’s empowerment, any aspect
  • Fear, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Anger, betrayal, revenge
  • Family dynamics, parenting
  • Intimate relationships, all facets  of  sexuality,  sexual abuse, finding a partner
  • Work, money
  • Creativity, being a self-supporting artist

But with in depth work, we work on all arising issues!

If you are interested or if you have any questions:

Please CONTACT me and we can set up a time to have an informal chat on the phone so you can decide if  you like what and who you hear and whether this work is what you are looking for.