Press Release

Local Life-Coach Dissolves Fear, Panic and Anxiety with Groundbreaking British Approach
Vero Beach, FL — Jan 22, 2009 —  Rather than living with fear or taking pills to calm down your anxieties, try working with Certified Empowerment Coach Maya Konforti. Whether you are a perpetual worrier or have specific fears or even panic attacks, she can help you with a simple process that’s never before been offered in the United States.

Candidly calling herself  «once upon a time, the most fearful woman on the planet», Maya Konforti is no stranger to the difficulties of living in a state of anxiety. «We all have fears, and to a certain extent, they are normal and even necessary to warn us of dangers. However, when they become pervasive (making us into permanent worriers) or they overwhelm us (causing sometimes severe anxiety or panic attacks), they destroy the quality of our lives, our ability to make good decisions, and often erode our physical health. I use direct, effective, and powerful “clearing focuses” to target all types of fears at their point of origin. The way they work is  like pulling a weed gently out of the ground, carefully taking the entire root system out. Once this is done, there is simply no more fear. And what a great relief this is! »

This new approach is the outcome of 29 years of multi-modality research by a former medical research scientist  who was determined to find the root causes of his own debilitating personal issues and the means to resolve them. Using this unique method, Maya Konforti’s clients are facilitated in clearing all types of issues. As a result,  they find themselves having more choices and living freer lives.

“I have been using this approach on myself for 4 years”, says Maya Konforti. “It’s hard to believe, but my personal success rate in resolving my own fears has been 100% and I’ve had the same success in clearing all sorts of other personal issues, from relationships to money to dealing with practical tasks.I started with myself, to understand the approach and see how well it worked, and now I exclusively use this process in my coaching business. My clients’ success rate is the same, though of course, some very embedded issues take longer to deal with than others. People often come to me for one issue but when it is resolved, they are so thrilled  that they want to continue resolving other ones.”

Maya Konforti is a Certified Empowerment Coach from iPEC School of Coaching in New Jersey and also holds a Master’s degree in Genetics from the University of Jussieu in Paris, France. Dividing her time between Indian River County and her native France, she has an international private clientele and does most of her work  through the phone and the internet.

She will be offering an experiential workshop on Jan 31from 1 to 4 pm at the Living Yoga Studio, 333 17th Street, in Vero Beach. The fee is $49.

In order to provide a nurturing environment, space is limited and pre-registration is required.