About Me, Today and “before this work”

 Who am I ?

My name ismaya Maya  (Catherine, in French) Konforti. I was born and raised in France, and moved to the USA at age 24, a few years after  meeting “an American in Paris”. 

I now divide my time between France (where my beautiful French partner lives. . .he is the opposite of me so that makes life really interesting! discover HERE what he’s into  ),  Florida (where I still make  jewelry,  see www. SpiritJeweler.com ), and other places  either  exploring different lands and cultures, visiting my children (I have  3  really cool ones, living on 3 continents), or  helping people live better lives  (see HERE the project I started in West Africa in 2010).

Wherever I am, I  also take care of  my clients who do this inner-work. Modern  technology  really serves my lifestyle AND the needs of my clients!

Nowadays, I do not differentiate between vacation, holiday or work times.  Though I travel quite a bit, I do not take “vacations” anymore, there is nothing I need  nor want to “vacate” from. If I have any ‘issue’ whatsoever with any aspect of my life, in or around me,  it’s only an opportunity to find the cause of and resolve it. My partner always laughs at me because  I say “I’m always doing well, even when I am not at all” . That’s  because I use  ‘not doing well‘ as an entry point into doing better. That’s the beauty of this work, nothing  is ever wasted!

I just live my life and flow with what happens  in or around me or what I want to do. As my client, you are an integral part of my life, and therefore, I ‘take ‘ you wherever I go.

My life is happily full these days. But it sure wasn’t always like this!

Who I Used to Be

Since my early childhood, I experienced  increasingly paralyzing fears. I was  more or less miserable within myself for 45 years (with little sunny escapes here and there), and incapable of accomplishing much:

I was terrified of  all life around me and could not take care of myself (the idea of ever having to earn my own money  seemed totally out of the question, I couldn’t imagine ever being able to  take care of my practical needs, all the most basic aspects  of  “living life” were my ever-present terrors ) . . .  so I “made sure” I always had a man in my life to skillfully hide behind. I never once was  (not more than 24h!) without a male relationship until I was 50!

I was afraid of doing anything alone, afraid of people, a-social and anti-social to an extreme, terrified all the time about making any decision about anything. . . Even such a simple thing as shopping was a nightmare  for me because I was terrified to buy “the wrong whatever”, even if it was just a carving pumpkin I needed to buy! (read about how I resolved this HERE)

My entire life was governed by fear. During all those years, I continually searched for ways to make myself feel better, I explored many healing fields (Go HERE for a list of what I’ve tried),  as much as my terrors would allow.  I also tried my very best to bury  or ignore  those horrible feelings or replace, transmute or  cover them up with loads of  affirmations, treasure maps,  ‘positive thinking’, ‘law of attraction’ or meditation practices and many others . . . But nothing ever worked for me for more than a few weeks  and my life became slowly intolerable. . . I finally forced myself  at age 45 to “face my fears and do it anyway”, and did manage to make my life better, but still, I could feel that my fears were not REALLY gone ( I didn’t know it yet but I had just learned to avoid what I was afraid of ! ), and though I had become very happy, (I had a different and great partner but was no longer emotionally dependent on  having one,  and I was earning my own money in a very satisfying way), I  nevertheless vaguely sensed that ‘things did not add up”  (read the story HERE) . . . So I kept on searching obsessively for answers. . . I finally stumbled onto this approach in 2003, which I have used since then. I have now resolved a myriad of different issues, many of which I thought were impossible to change, many others I would not have even called issues or was even  aware of and  I have been helping others to do the same since 2006.

Here is a  VERY SHORT list of what I personally experienced for most of my life and which I have resolved since starting to use this approach:

  • I was terrified about taking steps to be responsible for myself financially (I was broke or in debt for 20+ years). I was SURE I could not survive on my own! (I now run two complementary businesses)
  • I was afraid of making any buying decisions about anything and of spending any money, whether it was buying a pumpkin or an expensive camera, and especially of buying presents! (see the full story HERE)
  • I was terrified of being part of any group, even socially, let alone speak in a group or leading one in any way (well, it looks like you will see the REAL me in action? I now give workshops, what fun??)
  • I was in sheer panic at the mere possibility of breaking down on the road, of being taken advantage of by shady mechanics. (I’d rather not break down but when I do, I have no problem dealing with it)
  • I was paralyzed with terror when men were sexually attracted to me (I now confidently respond from a place of choice) (see one of those stories HERE)
  • My heart would stop in fear every time I saw a police car (I now stay naturally calm even when one flashes behind me…)
  • Dealing with any practical aspect of life, like learning to use a computer or fixing anything, was a nightmare (I am doing this website myself and my other www.SpiritJeweler.com site as well, and my daughter and her friends have nicknamed me McGyver, because I fix the problems in their apartment…!)
  • and many  MANY more…

Yep, this was me…an utterly “frightened of all of life little girl”… What’s funny today is that people who have not known the “former” me often define me as being fearless. They cannot believe when I tell them that, once upon a time, I was riddled with fears and highly dysfunctional…

Listen to this Radio Interview of me talking about resolving worries, anxieties and fears;