My Qualifications

I hold two specific qualifications for this work:

Certified Empowerment Coach

I completed the formal training then successfully passed the exam at the iPEC School of Coaching, based in NJ, in May 2006. . . However, I will be quick to say that, although this training has allowed me to throw myself “in the water” and start working confidently, my clients travel  deep into their inner-psyche which  traditional coaching does not do, and the results are deeply felt and experienced.  Coaches will often say that they  “turn a good life into a great life”. Myself,  I turn shitty, painful, problematic or stuck  lives into natural and spontaneous ones.

WholeSoulWork Facilitator

I am also one of the only 3 facilitators accredited to do this work.

Since 2003, I have been a client and trained  (still do) full-time  and one-on-one  with the British originator of  this completely new healing modality.

If you want to know who he is, go HERE.

If you want to know what I accomplished with him, check

 my list of resolved issues

Since 2006,  I have been working with clients from  the USA, France, the UK, and China. As a client of mine, I will guide you into using the same set of tools  I  have used since 2003 to resolve many deeply traumatizing issues and which I still use  today to resolve the remainder of my issues (less and less!).

You will get to see the remarkable results that you can achieve in absolutely every area of your life, from the most troublesome areas to those that are nearly invisible and even to those you don’t even know you have!


But my personal experience is probably the most important:


 A Huge Determination to Find Real Answers

Ever since I was 4,  the youngest of 5 children , I  wondered and determinedly wanted to understand why people were fighting (my parents fought all the time and my brothers hated each other), and  I tried  to figure out how to ‘make it stop’ .

I opened all the drawers I could find (especially the locked ones!) , thinking there were hidden secrets to be found. I also did my best to reconcile everyone and make them laugh or at least smile.

But by the time I was 13 or so, “life”  had caught up with me, and I had become as dysfunctional as everyone else in my family,  even more so.

Thus  had begun at a very early age my really focused search for answers. This search, complete with everything I learned along the way and everything I discarded is also what I will share with you, as you have probably done some of the same yourself: The embrace and understanding of many modalities  (for a list of what I’ve tried, go HERE) and my leaving each one, because they could not take me ‘far enough’  or I saw their  contradictions and failings. I finally discovered this one, and as leery of following anything and anyone I had become, I jumped in, because I instantly sensed its originator knew much I didn’t know and I wanted to know what he knew. . .  As I bumped into very painful issues I thought had already been cleared, I challenged the process  and its originator many times, but never  once did either one fail me. This was a first ever for me, and this is why I am still here, doing this work, and offering it to others.

 Odd Qualifications

I hold a Master’s degree in Genetics (from the University of Paris, France)

I am  a  completely self-taught Spirit Jeweler (title given to me by a Native-American medicine man), see for my work.