Healing Examples of my own issues

If you want to know more about me, what some of my problems were and how I resolved them doing this work,  you can read about it below. I am candidly and openly sharing all of this so you can see for yourself where I came from,  get an idea  of how the process  MAY present itself, and understand how deeply this type of  healing goes.

But before you dive into reading, let me just say a few words:

Defining Differences

I resolved those issues and wrote those stories 6 to 8 years ago. If when reading these, you think that it’s very difficult to resolve an issue, be reassured that it will most likely not be the same for you. Most of my clients today experience very tiny versions of the ‘representations’ I actually experienced. There are 3 reasons to that:

a) Since I wrote those stories, the ease and efficiency of the process has tremendously improved.

b) The work is weaved differently for each individual according to your  personal capacities and even your likes and dislikes. For example, I like adventure and excitement so you will see my real stories are full of those. So the way the work will be for you will actually feel very familiar to you and will fit in with who you are.

c) Last, some of these  personal issues (the sexual ones) were very old so it took deep digging to bring the original traumas to the surface and heal  them.

The Advantage of Having Big Issues?

The severity of my issues is actually what led me to search for so many years for a really effective answer.  I had no choice: I was in a ‘sink or swim’ situation, either I was going to find a solution or else I’d end up  like my brothers, who committed suicide before I found this solution. My intense and obsessive search led me to the answer I now offer you. After many years of research and trying all sorts of things – go HERE for a list of what I’ve experimented with –  it is clearly the best by a “loooong”  shot of all the ones I’ve dived into,  in fact it is  the only one to my knowledge that actually and really does what it claims. So I am not sorry at all I had those issues. Without them, I might have  settled like so many in feeling ‘ ok’   and in having a half-decent life,  at best.

Instead, because of  that ‘all or nothing’ set-up I was in, I  now live a real and truly empowered life: I am me and I feel good about me. I have the freedom and strength to choose what I want to do or say or be at any moment. I am rarely faced  with big obstacles anymore, but when I am, it’s not a problem nor even a burden. . .I can calmly deal with each one in appropriate ways and I am not stopped by any of them. I can do what I want and I have the means (or I find it) to do what I choose.

Now, you can also be and live you, by resolving what is in your way.

Read below  about what was in my way and how I resolved it:

Healing Examples to Read:

1.  A simple example of resolving a crazy stupid little issue that nonetheless poisoned my life for many years:

Difficulty buying presents and planning festivities

2.  How I once thought I had resolved all my issues  -because I lived in bliss- only to realize I had been completely fooled:

The difference between spiritual bliss and natural happiness

3.  How the memory of having been a sex slave resurfaces and the actual trauma gets cleared over a few days:

Clearing sexual abuse trauma and unexpressed emotions

4.  How unexpressed emotions from past sexual traumas can  manifest as physical symptoms which disappear when finally expressed:

Clearing anger and rage from past sexual violations

5.  A sort of trance-like memory surfacing during which I ‘fight back’ and change what I was subjected to and thus recover my power:

Release from past life vaginal violation and rape

6.  How a long and deliberate encounter with a bum gave me the opportunity to clear my fears  of men and learn of stand up for myself :

Reversing unwanted sexual attractions, learning to say no

7.  How my suppressive childhood led me to obsessive  ‘coping mechanisms’ (hyperness, nail-biting, masturbating. . .) and how these got cleared:

Clearing suppressive childhood trauma and life-long nail biting

8.  How I was plagued with an inability to really deal with my issues and to study for my life-coach training or make transformational jewelry through  a lack of attention and focus, diversions and more

Clearing difficulty in achieving my goals

Now, whatever your issues are, you can also clear them and have much greater freedom of choice.

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