Wish you could go sky-diving but are afraid?

How a couple of well targeted ‘clearing focuses’ allowed me to melt my fears and have a marvelous sky-diving experience

Sky-Diving and my fear of heights

I am not comfortable with heights at all . . . It is better than it used to be, but  it’s not completely cleared.

sky-dive-firstI have been saying for a long time that I’d like to sky-dive to put myself in front of whatever fear of falling I still have so I can resolve it completely . . .but that day never happened. . . until a few days ago. . . My son got a tandem sky dive as a present for his 18th birthday so I jumped (no pun intended!) at the opportunity to accompany him.  I knew that by now I had resolved enough deep fear issues that I would be able to handle  the jump. But you never know how you really are going to feel until you are actually in front of the challenge itself. And  though i knew I would be safe, I was  mostly worried about  being paralyzed with fear and ‘not being able to jump’ off the plane when my time came.

So the day arrived and I was really fine and excited. . .but when I arrived at the tiny airport, I started to feel my heart beating faster than normal, and some tiny chill in my body: Yep, that was it, something in me was still having a bit of apprehension. . .Very little, really, and most people would think it perfectly normal (doing something for the first time and something which does hold some risk ) but I wanted to enjoy the whole experience, and  even slight apprehension is not a  good way to enjoy anything, at least for me!

Melting the fear

So right then and there, I did two clearing  focuses  about those reactions and feelings. . .  it only took 7/8 minutes to do. . .

. . .The feelings and reactions melted and from then on, I had NOT A SMIDGEN of ANY fear at all the entire time, which was really amazing to me, the self-professed “once upon a time most fearful woman on the planet!”  I was completely comfortable and relaxed, could enjoy every minute of the afternoon, first watching other people before us get ready to go and then come back, then myself  putting the gear on and listening to instructions, meeting the cameraman andsky-dive-plane my co-jumper, climbing in the airplane. . . Just before take-off, I got a surprise present: I was offered to sit in the co-pilot seat  because there wasn’t enough room in the fuselage for everyone . . .that made the experience extra great because I could really enjoy the view (inside the fuselage, people are packed like sardines and cannot see anything out), and this  private moment away from all the other jumpers gave me the time to really BE there, NOTICE I really did not have any fear, FEEL the joyful anticipation of jumping, and BE AWARE  and FULLY APPRECIATIVE of my freedom from fear. . .it was a very special 15 minutes, like a good-bye to my old life filled with fears and the birth and send off for a new  fearless life. . . one of those  unforgettable celebrations suspended in time, flying above the clouds while looking down at  our beautiful planet.

Being FULLY feeling made it an extraordinary experience

sky-dive-freeWhen the jump came, it just happened like something very simple. . .The sensations were completely new but being without fear, I could stay fully aware, taking everything in, observing my feelings AND the surroundings AND the movement of our bodies. . . and expressing it all. It was truly incredible to be so fully present to the entire experience! And so the jump was really beautiful for me, what a feeling and what beauty, what simple and obvious joy and celebration!!

So the ride was truly magnificent but even more so was the very alive experience of living a beautiful and somewhat daring adventure while not having any fear. It was not that I  conquered or mastered or tamed this fear (I did that in the past so I know the difference between what I used to feel and what I felt now), it  really felt like fear wasn’t there anymore..being afraid had become a non-issue.

It’s hard to believe that I can do something like this without any apprehension, without even my heart beating fastersky-dive-ground than usual!! To be FULLY feeling, but without the tiniest bit of apprehension. . .This is as REAL life can be?

So if you want to go sky-diving -or do anything adventurous for you -but you are blocked by  fear, you might  try this approach I used on myself, which worked so incredible well?

As for me, I am going to jump at least once more. . . this time solo. I want to  observe how I feel pushing the possibility of fear one step further. . . and clear whatever hidden fear there might be leftover.

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