Huge panic attacks for 4 years

This is a testimony from a French Client, who had been suffering from panic attacks for over 4 years and was near permanently medicated when she started working with me

My first anxiety attack came suddenly

In July of 2003, I had my first anxiety attack (I didn’t even know they existed!), very suddenly, at a time I moved to a new place. My symptoms were

  • heart palpitations almost strong enough to make me faint
  • huge knots in the stomach
  • uncontrollable shaking, trembling
  • electric jabs every time I started falling asleep
  • gigantic fears of dying, of having an incurable disease.

I could do nothing else but stay in bed for a month and I did not eat anything at all for the first two weeks. I took medicine but I was afraid to take it. I was terrified that if I succumbed to the narcotics, I would not wake up, therefore I could not sleep. It was a really TERRIBLE experience.

After that first one, others kept coming

After that first episode, I noticed that every single time something in my life would be in the slightest upsetting (a move, a break up, some disappointment, a little accident), I would have another panic attack a few days after the upsetting event. These attacks became more frequent and sometimes stronger. Anything would trigger them.

I was overwhelmed with huge fears of dying because I could not eat for days at a time and would lose weight. If I managed to sleep, panic would be waiting for me the very second I woke up, before I had the time to think about anything…

I was so bad off I had nothing to lose

This lasted until November 2007, when a friend urged me to work with Maya. I was a bit suspicious at first, I had never done anything like this, but I was so bad off that I had nothing to lose. I couldn’t go on the way I was, and medicine did not make my life better.

Doing “clearing focuses” with Maya

When I had my next panic attack , Maya gave me my first focuses to do (I am French and am not very good at speaking English but I still did the focuses in English). It was hard to believe they would do anything, but I was ready for anything. I did not go to work for a week while we were clearing what was causing those panic attacks. It was quite horrible to be in those symptoms yet again. But after a few days, when I read on the internet all the side-effects of the medication I was taking, I suddenly decided to stop taking my medicine…and I was surprised that I didn’t feel worse!

I went back to work and things settled down little by little. Within a month of doing various focuses, I stopped having panic attacks completely. Smaller symptoms were present for a while , which provoked “fears that my symptoms were starting all over again” but we took care of those too. I only took a mild anxiety medication again once for a few days. Now I have stopped completely for 9 months.

Now, I am a different person

Now, a year later, those horrible years are simply a bad memory:

  • A couple of months ago, I got into a small car accident. Usually, this was sure to bring on a panic attack. But I just had a very mild stress reaction for a day after.
  • A few weeks ago, my boyfriend left me for no reason of my own fault. I was expecting a huge reaction because I really liked him and was very disappointed, but I am surprised I took the whole event so well: I could cry and be sad but I didn’t go overboard and had no physical symptoms of anxiety, I could still eat and sleep well.

I am not the same person as I was a year ago. I am surprised to see myself reacting differently and even making choices that I would have never made before.

I feel so much better and I thank Maya so much for her help. I wonder why not more people do this type of work…When I remember how much I suffered, I can still cry about it, but I also shed tears of joy, because it’s so worth it to be where I am today… Now that I am better, I have other issues I want to work  on, which took the backseat for so long… we’re focusing now on relationship and empowerment issues….I know I will resolve them with Maya’s help.

Sylvia C, agricultural scholarship specialist, France
(translated by Maya)

One Response to “Huge panic attacks for 4 years”

  1. sharon Says:

    I have had these types of panic attack symptoms & they were absolutely horrifically terrifying, i still have times when i am very afraid, but working with the WSW approach is helping me steadily clear all this. And it is such a relief to be feeling safer.