A Client’s List of Resolved Issues

After 15 months of working with me, Amy and I did a review of what had changed in her life and this is what she came up with, in terms of issues that showed up during that time-frame and which she faced and resolved:


  • having great possibilities or promises or dreams show up to suddenly watch them fall apart and disappear at the very last second ‘fall through my fingers’
  • having people with witchy vibes bothering me, giving me bad looks
  • regularly contacting mediums for a reading to get reassurance that I will be ok in love . . .  sweet stuff said, nothing  ever coming to pass, but still continued every time I felt down
  • feelings of isolation, wanting to sleep all the time
  • no sense of belonging  -why am I here/ what’s the point?

All gone


  • could not manage incoming and outgoing, keep close accounting
  • at times overspent to make me feel good
  • frequently incurred expensive bank overdrafts and fines
  • accumulated debts
  • was overcharged for bills through no fault of my own, but ‘mistakes’ from companies
  • was bullied and chased about paying money  back which I did not need to
  • accepted or overly generously volunteered or was made to be responsible for the finances or bill paying of others (housemates and workplace) by taking their bills onto my own bank account, which created really difficult accounting especially since others at times would not pay their parts on time (so was ripped off, taken advantage of) or  else accused me to make mistakes.

Now, my accounting is in order, and issues above do not exist anymore.  I am paying my debts and I have gotten a pay raise. The thing I have yet to do is to build a “safety pillow”.

Social and Intimate Relationships

  • ex-partner would bully me, control me. . .
  • could not say no to sex when he came to my door
  • being a doormat to housemates/friends. . .overly willing to do things for them, overly kind, not standing my ground
  • not saying what I wanted to say, afraid to confront housemates
  • being ostracized  and isolated from the other housemates who made plans about the house without me,
  • feeling and being isolated, no friends, no one to go out with, used to spend entire week-ends alone in my room
  • not heard, not noticed
  • getting really drunk when I went out
  • people thinking I am weird
  • people sucking on my energy, demanding my attention
  • chasing not very interested potential partners, putting up with too much lax  or disrespectful behavior on their part
  • having sex with people I just met, offering myself too quickly, then feeling of  being ignored, discarded.
  • being consumed by thoughts of the last person who showed affection, even though this affection is no longer reciprocated.
  • feelings of being stuck on past partners, unable to move on.  Unable to meet new partners.

I have moved to a neighborhood that is much more social than the one I used to live in, and I get along great with my present housemates.   Even though I now have a social life and good friends to go out with, I still feel like I don’t yet have the real friends I want to have or a partner to share the goodness  and richness of who I know myself to be and have.


  • afraid to speak to bosses/authorit
  • crouching down when speaking to people in order to be lower than them to appease them
  • saying thing in a muddled, confusing way then people could not understand what I meant to say
  • feeling stupid
  • being degraded, looked down upon
  • being a gopher, slave to everyone
  • having trouble handling finance sheets, understand the system
  • not recognized even when I do good work
  • not heard when I speak, like I don’t matter
  • seen as an odd ball
  • falsely accused to make mistakes I didn’t make
  • taking on too much – exhausted
  • boss not trusting in my abilities
  • some people really not liking me and making my job harder or giving me extra work
  • being pitied

Seems all cleared. My co-workers respect me and appreciate me, even the person who used to be nasty with me.  My next thing to clear are the challenges I will have in my new job position, taking in data, understanding   and remembering new systems and ways to work etc. . . I got one pay raise a few months ago and I am currently in the process of moving from a position of personal assistant/office manager to that of Associate Producer.


  • hemorrhoids – gone
  • face mask –not gone


  • feeling stupid
  • not realizing my potential and true value, what I’m really good at
  • embarrassed about my job position and hiding what I do for work to others
  • not able to face situations or things when they happen, could not voice how I felt
  • frequent feeling of impending doom
  • fear that people are having negative feelings toward me or are angry with me
  • fear of doing something wrong
  • feeling sad
  • giving my power away to easily

These feelings of lack of self worth have vanished in regards to work and myself as an individual, although I am still learning to take this into relationship aspect of things.  No more feelings of impending doom. I have really reclaimed much space for myself . I now have a very strong sense of self no longer looking to others for confirmation or acknowledgment.  I regularly challenge myself to see and do things that may take me out of my comfort zone only to find they are empowering.

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