Workshop Testimonials

Here is a sampleĀ  of testimonials received from the first fearless workshop, which was held in January 2009 in Vero Beach, FL:

“The one thing I’m sure of is that I don’t feel the same burden of the fear just thinking of (my issue).”

“One of my ‘specific fears’ was to “speak up for myself.’ We had 3 choices of where to go to watch the Superbowl game and ordinarily I would just submit to where my husband wanted to go but I knew my choice, spoke it and stuck to it. It felt good.”

“I have sometimes problems to tell the truth, because I’m too diplomatic and I don’t want to hurt anybody. I told the truth as a child, but my mother told me that people get hurt and I have to consider other people’s feelings. Since (the workshop), I feel more comfortable to say the “real truth” again.”

“I really do not how it happened but I have cleared up the paperwork that upset me (the issue I worked on at the workshop).”

“I am very glad I did the workshop – am glad for the understanding of the focuses – and am glad for the lessening of my fears.”

Note: Out of all the surveys we received, only one person felt little difference with her fear. Since then, she started working with another facilitator and, within two weeks, experienced great improvement.

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