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The below is part of  emails written by  a client in the fall of 2011 after I did 10 days of clearings for specific issues he asked me to work on. Those issues had suddenly appeared  for the first time  about 6 months before ( following a job change). Not only had he  never had any problem with them until then, but he even was quite an expert at those tasks (in fact, he had been hired in this new position because of those abilities!).

He wasn’t keen on understanding why he suddenly had those issues, he just wanted them to ‘go away’, and was running out of ideas of what to do to feel better. A friend had recommended me.

Keep in mind he did not do ANYTHING but tell me what issues he was having and observe ‘whatever’ was going to happen, if anything. I did all the clearings myself, without telling him anything about what I did :

He sent me this after 4 days of clearings:
“Maya, Just a quick update.  I thought you would want to hear some good news, it appears you mojo is working.
I have had 2 . . .  this week and they have both gone well.”

and two weeks later (when he paid me):
“I have been feeling and doing better.  The stress has felt more manageable and I have had more energy.

I appreciate your efforts and skill on my behalf.”
6 weeks later:
I heard from his friend that the issues worked on have not reappeared.
-Name withheld to protect his privacy-

The following is part of an email another client wrote also  in the fall  of 2011, after 3 months of working with me. She is still doing this work and gave me permission to use her words:

“You have shown me from the beginning that I can trust  and count on you.  I respect you on numerous levels.  As a facilitator you are deeply generous – you give me an open forum to share.  You are also very smart, curious, insightful and deeply dedicated.  You yourself are keenly aware of equality for all.  Even as a leader and facilitator you offer the client equality in the role we are both playing.”

Debbie, FL

This is what yet another client wrote after working with me for 6 months. Our beginnings were difficult because we had to clear some  of her “protective mechanisms”  before she could even really get into this work, but she had the courage to stick with the process and trust me enough to open the doors to her own healing. She’s now doing very well in this work . What happened with her is the reason why I do not take people through the process for less than 3 months:

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me even though it was hard for us in the beginning.  This work is very hard but I can definitely see how it is working and unraveling my shit!”
Dawn, FL

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