Honoring Vivian Squires, my very first client


Vivian, proudly wearing the power ring I made for her. Check www.SpiritJeweler.com to see more of my work

Vivian Squires, 86:

I met Vivian  at the iPEC School of Coaching where she was taking her training with me…at age 83!!

Who goes to school to earn a degree at that age, hey?? But Vivian had done it all except earn a degree so she was ready to go for that one!

A free spirit

Vivian and I instantly connected as we both sensed we shared a sense of rebelliousness and a desire to express ourselves freely.

We were both fortunate when fate picked me as her coach in training. Together, we dared to not follow the coaching rules and affirmed our desire to be unusual coaches.

Together, we dare to learn coaching by breaking the rules

We challenged what we were taught and pushed coaching limits beyond the established rules. Having Vivian as my very first client allowed me to develop my confidence as an out of the box kind of coach so I could be really good at what I do.

Though I have tremendously grown as a coach since those days, Vivian wrote me my very first client testimony, which I treasure…

“The best thing that happened to me at iPEC was that I finally had a coach. Maya asked the right questions, and as I answered, it all came out: ” How could I have accomplished so much, helped so many people and still not feel good about myself?”. I realized that the feeling of being inadequate, not smart enough and not have a degree have been hanging around my neck and strangling me. I was able to share my dreams and my problems with Maya. I don’t know if we followed the rules or not but I do know the results paid off.

Maya, you have helped me and guided me and I know that I can accomplish anything. I am looking forward to hearing the bell ring and I will finally have letters behind my name. I tried giving myself some letters and I wrote Vivian Squires PW. Powerful Woman, but I realized PW could stand for Pitiful Woman. You have made me realize that I AM a Powerful Woman who will soon be Vivian Squires CEC.

Maya, what you have given me is priceless. I know that I will not be able to call you my coach, but I can now call you my friend.”

Vivian is a role-model to all of us

Since her graduation as a coach, Vivian has started and has been running a youth empowerment program called “Pull Your Pants Up”. On Jan 10, 2009, Vivian at age 86 was attacked in her home by a prowler. Even though he deeply slashed her throat and back with a knife, she fought him until he ran away, and called 911 all by herself while blood was pouring out of her wounds!

Vivian is an amazing woman, who changed women ‘s lives in prison by teaching them how to sew and also as a 20 year award-winning leader in Weight Watchers programs.  STILL at her age, she keeps on working ceaselessly at motivating people and touching lives…Right after being attacked, she was saying  “I couldn’t die. I still have too much to do”. Vivian, you are an inspiration to all of us, to become everything we can be so we can benefit ourselves AND as many people as possible…and to never stop doing this. I am proud to know you!

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  1. sharon Says:

    Thankyou for sharing this with us Maya & Vivian,

    Wow ! – what inner strength & courage you have Vivian, thankyou for being here & thankyou for showing / sharing with us your way

    Together we can make it ! x