From Depressed to Empowered

This testimonial is from Amy, who is 30 and lives in London. . .When she started, she was jobless and depressed. She struggled with the idea of spending money to heal herself when she did not  have enough pay her rent.

Where I was at before this work:

I had reached a point in my life where I felt I couldn’t go any further. I was numb. I could not see any way out of my depression.My Mom encouraged me to get in touch with Maya as she felt she had helped me as much as she could and I was still stuck.

At first I wanted issues of a broken heart to be resolved, the sadness was overwhelming and I was struggling to put my emotional life back together. I could not move on. I was very confused, the situation at the time was all too consuming. I also had no job and no money,  I was struggling to pay my rent.

But it soon became apparent when doing this work that there was so much more than just that.

What I had tried before starting this work:

I had seen a counsellor for a period of time when I was studying for a Counselling course. This was a humanistic approach. At the time I found it interesting to be heard, but I didn’t find it constructive. It was just reflective with no real active move to support change.

I also swayed towards a holistic awareness to therapy, choosing to feel safe in the Angels, white light, etc. I do not use any of these. They seem so far removed from me now.

What has changed since doing this work:

Since beginning this work, I have dramatically reclaimed so much of my power. I have created my world and got back on my feet.

  • moved house to a place much better suited to me.
  • got a job,  then a pay raise and last a promotion. Started the steps to a new career, almost there!
  • Not afraid of confronting others when needed, and especially not afraid of authority or bosses anymore! I can say no now.
  • finally having my finances in order, paying my debts, no more checks bouncing all the time
  • cleared and moved on from a past relationship
  • improved my relationship with every one of my family members, who I loved but was angry with for various reasons.
  • not isolated like I used to be. I used to spend entire week-ends in my room, now I go out and have fun.


I have realised now that I am capable of so much more, more than I had ever understood. I have learned so much about myself and how precious I really I am. I have understood the value of myself and this work.

Maya and I are still working on things that come up. A the moment it is around work and career to enable me to move forward and also relationship issues around finding a partner.

Doing this work has changed my life. I have found it incredibly challenging, but the results incredibly rewarding. Some days it is easy to digest and other days it takes you to places you don’t want to see/relive, but it is the nature of the work to really get to what needs doing. I have loved doing it all of it.

What is like to work with Maya:

I have really enjoyed working with Maya. She is there every step of the way. I feel safe, heard and understood when working with Maya. Working with Maya has shown me how facing your ‘issues’ is empowering, but Maya’s  guidance on how to do this is invaluable.


My movement forward in the last year has been phenomenal and I have loved the challenge, the revelations and the rewards – I am excited to keep going as I am discovering so much about myself, I feel there are still so much more to learn nurture, grow and develop.

I would recommend this work to others as it offers the tools to enable you to reclaim what is yours.
Amy S, London

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