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A Client’s List of Resolved Issues

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

After 15 months of working with me, Amy and I did a review of what had changed in her life and this is what she came up with, in terms of issues that showed up during that time-frame and which she faced and resolved:


  • having great possibilities or promises or dreams show up to suddenly watch them fall apart and disappear at the very last second ‘fall through my fingers’
  • having people with witchy vibes bothering me, giving me bad looks
  • regularly contacting mediums for a reading to get reassurance that I will be ok in love . . .  sweet stuff said, nothing  ever coming to pass, but still continued every time I felt down
  • feelings of isolation, wanting to sleep all the time
  • no sense of belonging  -why am I here/ what’s the point?

All gone


  • could not manage incoming and outgoing, keep close accounting
  • at times overspent to make me feel good
  • frequently incurred expensive bank overdrafts and fines
  • accumulated debts
  • was overcharged for bills through no fault of my own, but ‘mistakes’ from companies
  • was bullied and chased about paying money  back which I did not need to
  • accepted or overly generously volunteered or was made to be responsible for the finances or bill paying of others (housemates and workplace) by taking their bills onto my own bank account, which created really difficult accounting especially since others at times would not pay their parts on time (so was ripped off, taken advantage of) or  else accused me to make mistakes.

Now, my accounting is in order, and issues above do not exist anymore.  I am paying my debts and I have gotten a pay raise. The thing I have yet to do is to build a “safety pillow”.

Social and Intimate Relationships

  • ex-partner would bully me, control me. . .
  • could not say no to sex when he came to my door
  • being a doormat to housemates/friends. . .overly willing to do things for them, overly kind, not standing my ground
  • not saying what I wanted to say, afraid to confront housemates
  • being ostracized  and isolated from the other housemates who made plans about the house without me,
  • feeling and being isolated, no friends, no one to go out with, used to spend entire week-ends alone in my room
  • not heard, not noticed
  • getting really drunk when I went out
  • people thinking I am weird
  • people sucking on my energy, demanding my attention
  • chasing not very interested potential partners, putting up with too much lax  or disrespectful behavior on their part
  • having sex with people I just met, offering myself too quickly, then feeling of  being ignored, discarded.
  • being consumed by thoughts of the last person who showed affection, even though this affection is no longer reciprocated.
  • feelings of being stuck on past partners, unable to move on.  Unable to meet new partners.

I have moved to a neighborhood that is much more social than the one I used to live in, and I get along great with my present housemates.   Even though I now have a social life and good friends to go out with, I still feel like I don’t yet have the real friends I want to have or a partner to share the goodness  and richness of who I know myself to be and have.


  • afraid to speak to bosses/authorit
  • crouching down when speaking to people in order to be lower than them to appease them
  • saying thing in a muddled, confusing way then people could not understand what I meant to say
  • feeling stupid
  • being degraded, looked down upon
  • being a gopher, slave to everyone
  • having trouble handling finance sheets, understand the system
  • not recognized even when I do good work
  • not heard when I speak, like I don’t matter
  • seen as an odd ball
  • falsely accused to make mistakes I didn’t make
  • taking on too much – exhausted
  • boss not trusting in my abilities
  • some people really not liking me and making my job harder or giving me extra work
  • being pitied

Seems all cleared. My co-workers respect me and appreciate me, even the person who used to be nasty with me.  My next thing to clear are the challenges I will have in my new job position, taking in data, understanding   and remembering new systems and ways to work etc. . . I got one pay raise a few months ago and I am currently in the process of moving from a position of personal assistant/office manager to that of Associate Producer.


  • hemorrhoids – gone
  • face mask –not gone


  • feeling stupid
  • not realizing my potential and true value, what I’m really good at
  • embarrassed about my job position and hiding what I do for work to others
  • not able to face situations or things when they happen, could not voice how I felt
  • frequent feeling of impending doom
  • fear that people are having negative feelings toward me or are angry with me
  • fear of doing something wrong
  • feeling sad
  • giving my power away to easily

These feelings of lack of self worth have vanished in regards to work and myself as an individual, although I am still learning to take this into relationship aspect of things.  No more feelings of impending doom. I have really reclaimed much space for myself . I now have a very strong sense of self no longer looking to others for confirmation or acknowledgment.  I regularly challenge myself to see and do things that may take me out of my comfort zone only to find they are empowering.

Huge panic attacks for 4 years

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

This is a testimony from a French Client, who had been suffering from panic attacks for over 4 years and was near permanently medicated when she started working with me

My first anxiety attack came suddenly

In July of 2003, I had my first anxiety attack (I didn’t even know they existed!), very suddenly, at a time I moved to a new place. My symptoms were

  • heart palpitations almost strong enough to make me faint
  • huge knots in the stomach
  • uncontrollable shaking, trembling
  • electric jabs every time I started falling asleep
  • gigantic fears of dying, of having an incurable disease.

I could do nothing else but stay in bed for a month and I did not eat anything at all for the first two weeks. I took medicine but I was afraid to take it. I was terrified that if I succumbed to the narcotics, I would not wake up, therefore I could not sleep. It was a really TERRIBLE experience.

After that first one, others kept coming

After that first episode, I noticed that every single time something in my life would be in the slightest upsetting (a move, a break up, some disappointment, a little accident), I would have another panic attack a few days after the upsetting event. These attacks became more frequent and sometimes stronger. Anything would trigger them.

I was overwhelmed with huge fears of dying because I could not eat for days at a time and would lose weight. If I managed to sleep, panic would be waiting for me the very second I woke up, before I had the time to think about anything…

I was so bad off I had nothing to lose

This lasted until November 2007, when a friend urged me to work with Maya. I was a bit suspicious at first, I had never done anything like this, but I was so bad off that I had nothing to lose. I couldn’t go on the way I was, and medicine did not make my life better.

Doing “clearing focuses” with Maya

When I had my next panic attack , Maya gave me my first focuses to do (I am French and am not very good at speaking English but I still did the focuses in English). It was hard to believe they would do anything, but I was ready for anything. I did not go to work for a week while we were clearing what was causing those panic attacks. It was quite horrible to be in those symptoms yet again. But after a few days, when I read on the internet all the side-effects of the medication I was taking, I suddenly decided to stop taking my medicine…and I was surprised that I didn’t feel worse!

I went back to work and things settled down little by little. Within a month of doing various focuses, I stopped having panic attacks completely. Smaller symptoms were present for a while , which provoked “fears that my symptoms were starting all over again” but we took care of those too. I only took a mild anxiety medication again once for a few days. Now I have stopped completely for 9 months.

Now, I am a different person

Now, a year later, those horrible years are simply a bad memory:

  • A couple of months ago, I got into a small car accident. Usually, this was sure to bring on a panic attack. But I just had a very mild stress reaction for a day after.
  • A few weeks ago, my boyfriend left me for no reason of my own fault. I was expecting a huge reaction because I really liked him and was very disappointed, but I am surprised I took the whole event so well: I could cry and be sad but I didn’t go overboard and had no physical symptoms of anxiety, I could still eat and sleep well.

I am not the same person as I was a year ago. I am surprised to see myself reacting differently and even making choices that I would have never made before.

I feel so much better and I thank Maya so much for her help. I wonder why not more people do this type of work…When I remember how much I suffered, I can still cry about it, but I also shed tears of joy, because it’s so worth it to be where I am today… Now that I am better, I have other issues I want to work  on, which took the backseat for so long… we’re focusing now on relationship and empowerment issues….I know I will resolve them with Maya’s help.

Sylvia C, agricultural scholarship specialist, France
(translated by Maya)

Wish you could go sky-diving but are afraid?

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

How a couple of well targeted ‘clearing focuses’ allowed me to melt my fears and have a marvelous sky-diving experience

Sky-Diving and my fear of heights

I am not comfortable with heights at all . . . It is better than it used to be, but  it’s not completely cleared.

sky-dive-firstI have been saying for a long time that I’d like to sky-dive to put myself in front of whatever fear of falling I still have so I can resolve it completely . . .but that day never happened. . . until a few days ago. . . My son got a tandem sky dive as a present for his 18th birthday so I jumped (no pun intended!) at the opportunity to accompany him.  I knew that by now I had resolved enough deep fear issues that I would be able to handle  the jump. But you never know how you really are going to feel until you are actually in front of the challenge itself. And  though i knew I would be safe, I was  mostly worried about  being paralyzed with fear and ‘not being able to jump’ off the plane when my time came.

So the day arrived and I was really fine and excited. . .but when I arrived at the tiny airport, I started to feel my heart beating faster than normal, and some tiny chill in my body: Yep, that was it, something in me was still having a bit of apprehension. . .Very little, really, and most people would think it perfectly normal (doing something for the first time and something which does hold some risk ) but I wanted to enjoy the whole experience, and  even slight apprehension is not a  good way to enjoy anything, at least for me!

Melting the fear

So right then and there, I did two clearing  focuses  about those reactions and feelings. . .  it only took 7/8 minutes to do. . .

. . .The feelings and reactions melted and from then on, I had NOT A SMIDGEN of ANY fear at all the entire time, which was really amazing to me, the self-professed “once upon a time most fearful woman on the planet!”  I was completely comfortable and relaxed, could enjoy every minute of the afternoon, first watching other people before us get ready to go and then come back, then myself  putting the gear on and listening to instructions, meeting the cameraman andsky-dive-plane my co-jumper, climbing in the airplane. . . Just before take-off, I got a surprise present: I was offered to sit in the co-pilot seat  because there wasn’t enough room in the fuselage for everyone . . .that made the experience extra great because I could really enjoy the view (inside the fuselage, people are packed like sardines and cannot see anything out), and this  private moment away from all the other jumpers gave me the time to really BE there, NOTICE I really did not have any fear, FEEL the joyful anticipation of jumping, and BE AWARE  and FULLY APPRECIATIVE of my freedom from fear. . .it was a very special 15 minutes, like a good-bye to my old life filled with fears and the birth and send off for a new  fearless life. . . one of those  unforgettable celebrations suspended in time, flying above the clouds while looking down at  our beautiful planet.

Being FULLY feeling made it an extraordinary experience

sky-dive-freeWhen the jump came, it just happened like something very simple. . .The sensations were completely new but being without fear, I could stay fully aware, taking everything in, observing my feelings AND the surroundings AND the movement of our bodies. . . and expressing it all. It was truly incredible to be so fully present to the entire experience! And so the jump was really beautiful for me, what a feeling and what beauty, what simple and obvious joy and celebration!!

So the ride was truly magnificent but even more so was the very alive experience of living a beautiful and somewhat daring adventure while not having any fear. It was not that I  conquered or mastered or tamed this fear (I did that in the past so I know the difference between what I used to feel and what I felt now), it  really felt like fear wasn’t there anymore..being afraid had become a non-issue.

It’s hard to believe that I can do something like this without any apprehension, without even my heart beating fastersky-dive-ground than usual!! To be FULLY feeling, but without the tiniest bit of apprehension. . .This is as REAL life can be?

So if you want to go sky-diving -or do anything adventurous for you -but you are blocked by  fear, you might  try this approach I used on myself, which worked so incredible well?

As for me, I am going to jump at least once more. . . this time solo. I want to  observe how I feel pushing the possibility of fear one step further. . . and clear whatever hidden fear there might be leftover.

Stress and panic buying presents

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Maya: The following is an example of an issue I have resolved using this approach

Real panic buying presents for others

All my life, I have been scared and paralyzed about buying presents for others, whether it was a little thank you gift or a birthday present for my children or worst of worst, Christmas presents simply because there were so many to buy . . . I never knew what would make people happy, and i was terrified to make the wrong decision

When watching others, I would be envious and amazed that anyone would actually look forward to even thinking of a present for a loved one ,never mind enjoying the experience of shopping for it. I HATED gift-giving time! Why could I not be the same as seemingly all others around me?

Christmases were horrible as a child

As a child my Christmases were not happy ones, the family atmosphere was always tense, so it seemed to me to that my bad feelings about buying presents must originate in my childhood.

My siblings on the other hand did not have this problem? This observation amplified my own self-loathing for not being capable of doing something they obviously had risen above. . . also the fact that they and others bought me things that pleased me just made me feel even worse . . .

Spending hours Agonizing over buying a present?

So I really hated to plan Christmas or birthdays for my kids. That they had big expectations which I felt incapable to fulfil made it worse. But even simple presents for anyone were for me a horror to buy, and I did everything I could to avoid doing this. For example, I would sneakily arrange for someone else to do this ‘chore’ for me, or buy nothing at all because the feeling of embarrassment at not giving anything was less painful than my fear of buying something.

If there was no way to avoid then I would agonize for hours and days about WHAT to buy. I NEVER knew what would make people happy, I simply had no idea! No matter how hard I racked my brains over it, I simply didn’t know! The more I thought about it, the more indecisive and confused and worried I would become. And when I went into stores, I would walk around with my stomach in knots, in a panic about buying something that would be wrong, and terrified about spending money in a wasteful way. As you can imagine, in those dreadful conditions, what I chose usually turned out to be not right too . . .

It was REALLY horrible to be like this, but as I have always been like this for as long as I can remember then I just lived with this and did my anguished best . . . and then heaved sighs of relief when it was done and the gift giving time was past . . . until of course the next present buying duty came along.

A relaxed choice is my NEW choice

I NOW have choice to give a present or not, and if I DO choose to give one, I can do it well and with ease!

So, after years of stress and panic I’m amazingly relaxed about it all NOW.

I’m amazed to to watch myself knowing how to choose /decide on a present for my daughter’s fiancé for example, with no inner struggle AND it’s now a pleasure to see delighted faces when packages are open! I also feel comfortable NOT giving any presents, I don’t feel obligated like I used to, I can choose what I want to do, what is the most appropriate in the moment for both me and the people involved.

It’s very strange to see an issue that was part of my entire life be completely gone. For a few months, I still sort of expected this panic to appear as another gift-giving time arrived . . . but it didn’t. So, even this anticipation is 95% gone now.

So, just what did it take to resolve a small but debilitating issue which I lived several times every year for decades?

No long drawn-out analysis of my childhood memories just but one simple clearing focus, which took but minutes to do, targeting at ANYTHING to MAKE ME incapable of choosing presents??? It was energetic subtle energy things causing me to have this difficulty.

Yes, I’m sure it seems crazy, a solution too simple to be believed, but it’s true. Maybe you reading this have the same? Maybe you would like this gone too?