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Spontaneous Comments

Monday, December 12th, 2011

The below is part of  emails written by  a client in the fall of 2011 after I did 10 days of clearings for specific issues he asked me to work on. Those issues had suddenly appeared  for the first time  about 6 months before ( following a job change). Not only had he  never had any problem with them until then, but he even was quite an expert at those tasks (in fact, he had been hired in this new position because of those abilities!).

He wasn’t keen on understanding why he suddenly had those issues, he just wanted them to ‘go away’, and was running out of ideas of what to do to feel better. A friend had recommended me.

Keep in mind he did not do ANYTHING but tell me what issues he was having and observe ‘whatever’ was going to happen, if anything. I did all the clearings myself, without telling him anything about what I did :

He sent me this after 4 days of clearings:
“Maya, Just a quick update.  I thought you would want to hear some good news, it appears you mojo is working.
I have had 2 . . .  this week and they have both gone well.”

and two weeks later (when he paid me):
“I have been feeling and doing better.  The stress has felt more manageable and I have had more energy.

I appreciate your efforts and skill on my behalf.”
6 weeks later:
I heard from his friend that the issues worked on have not reappeared.
-Name withheld to protect his privacy-

The following is part of an email another client wrote also  in the fall  of 2011, after 3 months of working with me. She is still doing this work and gave me permission to use her words:

“You have shown me from the beginning that I can trust  and count on you.  I respect you on numerous levels.  As a facilitator you are deeply generous – you give me an open forum to share.  You are also very smart, curious, insightful and deeply dedicated.  You yourself are keenly aware of equality for all.  Even as a leader and facilitator you offer the client equality in the role we are both playing.”

Debbie, FL

This is what yet another client wrote after working with me for 6 months. Our beginnings were difficult because we had to clear some  of her “protective mechanisms”  before she could even really get into this work, but she had the courage to stick with the process and trust me enough to open the doors to her own healing. She’s now doing very well in this work . What happened with her is the reason why I do not take people through the process for less than 3 months:

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me even though it was hard for us in the beginning.  This work is very hard but I can definitely see how it is working and unraveling my shit!”
Dawn, FL

Workshop Testimonials

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Here is a sample  of testimonials received from the first fearless workshop, which was held in January 2009 in Vero Beach, FL:

“The one thing I’m sure of is that I don’t feel the same burden of the fear just thinking of (my issue).”

“One of my ‘specific fears’ was to “speak up for myself.’ We had 3 choices of where to go to watch the Superbowl game and ordinarily I would just submit to where my husband wanted to go but I knew my choice, spoke it and stuck to it. It felt good.”

“I have sometimes problems to tell the truth, because I’m too diplomatic and I don’t want to hurt anybody. I told the truth as a child, but my mother told me that people get hurt and I have to consider other people’s feelings. Since (the workshop), I feel more comfortable to say the “real truth” again.”

“I really do not how it happened but I have cleared up the paperwork that upset me (the issue I worked on at the workshop).”

“I am very glad I did the workshop – am glad for the understanding of the focuses – and am glad for the lessening of my fears.”

Note: Out of all the surveys we received, only one person felt little difference with her fear. Since then, she started working with another facilitator and, within two weeks, experienced great improvement.

From Depressed to Empowered

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

This testimonial is from Amy, who is 30 and lives in London. . .When she started, she was jobless and depressed. She struggled with the idea of spending money to heal herself when she did not  have enough pay her rent.

Where I was at before this work:

I had reached a point in my life where I felt I couldn’t go any further. I was numb. I could not see any way out of my depression.My Mom encouraged me to get in touch with Maya as she felt she had helped me as much as she could and I was still stuck.

At first I wanted issues of a broken heart to be resolved, the sadness was overwhelming and I was struggling to put my emotional life back together. I could not move on. I was very confused, the situation at the time was all too consuming. I also had no job and no money,  I was struggling to pay my rent.

But it soon became apparent when doing this work that there was so much more than just that.

What I had tried before starting this work:

I had seen a counsellor for a period of time when I was studying for a Counselling course. This was a humanistic approach. At the time I found it interesting to be heard, but I didn’t find it constructive. It was just reflective with no real active move to support change.

I also swayed towards a holistic awareness to therapy, choosing to feel safe in the Angels, white light, etc. I do not use any of these. They seem so far removed from me now.

What has changed since doing this work:

Since beginning this work, I have dramatically reclaimed so much of my power. I have created my world and got back on my feet.

  • moved house to a place much better suited to me.
  • got a job,  then a pay raise and last a promotion. Started the steps to a new career, almost there!
  • Not afraid of confronting others when needed, and especially not afraid of authority or bosses anymore! I can say no now.
  • finally having my finances in order, paying my debts, no more checks bouncing all the time
  • cleared and moved on from a past relationship
  • improved my relationship with every one of my family members, who I loved but was angry with for various reasons.
  • not isolated like I used to be. I used to spend entire week-ends in my room, now I go out and have fun.


I have realised now that I am capable of so much more, more than I had ever understood. I have learned so much about myself and how precious I really I am. I have understood the value of myself and this work.

Maya and I are still working on things that come up. A the moment it is around work and career to enable me to move forward and also relationship issues around finding a partner.

Doing this work has changed my life. I have found it incredibly challenging, but the results incredibly rewarding. Some days it is easy to digest and other days it takes you to places you don’t want to see/relive, but it is the nature of the work to really get to what needs doing. I have loved doing it all of it.

What is like to work with Maya:

I have really enjoyed working with Maya. She is there every step of the way. I feel safe, heard and understood when working with Maya. Working with Maya has shown me how facing your ‘issues’ is empowering, but Maya’s  guidance on how to do this is invaluable.


My movement forward in the last year has been phenomenal and I have loved the challenge, the revelations and the rewards – I am excited to keep going as I am discovering so much about myself, I feel there are still so much more to learn nurture, grow and develop.

I would recommend this work to others as it offers the tools to enable you to reclaim what is yours.
Amy S, London

A Client’s List of Resolved Issues

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

After 15 months of working with me, Amy and I did a review of what had changed in her life and this is what she came up with, in terms of issues that showed up during that time-frame and which she faced and resolved:


  • having great possibilities or promises or dreams show up to suddenly watch them fall apart and disappear at the very last second ‘fall through my fingers’
  • having people with witchy vibes bothering me, giving me bad looks
  • regularly contacting mediums for a reading to get reassurance that I will be ok in love . . .  sweet stuff said, nothing  ever coming to pass, but still continued every time I felt down
  • feelings of isolation, wanting to sleep all the time
  • no sense of belonging  -why am I here/ what’s the point?

All gone


  • could not manage incoming and outgoing, keep close accounting
  • at times overspent to make me feel good
  • frequently incurred expensive bank overdrafts and fines
  • accumulated debts
  • was overcharged for bills through no fault of my own, but ‘mistakes’ from companies
  • was bullied and chased about paying money  back which I did not need to
  • accepted or overly generously volunteered or was made to be responsible for the finances or bill paying of others (housemates and workplace) by taking their bills onto my own bank account, which created really difficult accounting especially since others at times would not pay their parts on time (so was ripped off, taken advantage of) or  else accused me to make mistakes.

Now, my accounting is in order, and issues above do not exist anymore.  I am paying my debts and I have gotten a pay raise. The thing I have yet to do is to build a “safety pillow”.

Social and Intimate Relationships

  • ex-partner would bully me, control me. . .
  • could not say no to sex when he came to my door
  • being a doormat to housemates/friends. . .overly willing to do things for them, overly kind, not standing my ground
  • not saying what I wanted to say, afraid to confront housemates
  • being ostracized  and isolated from the other housemates who made plans about the house without me,
  • feeling and being isolated, no friends, no one to go out with, used to spend entire week-ends alone in my room
  • not heard, not noticed
  • getting really drunk when I went out
  • people thinking I am weird
  • people sucking on my energy, demanding my attention
  • chasing not very interested potential partners, putting up with too much lax  or disrespectful behavior on their part
  • having sex with people I just met, offering myself too quickly, then feeling of  being ignored, discarded.
  • being consumed by thoughts of the last person who showed affection, even though this affection is no longer reciprocated.
  • feelings of being stuck on past partners, unable to move on.  Unable to meet new partners.

I have moved to a neighborhood that is much more social than the one I used to live in, and I get along great with my present housemates.   Even though I now have a social life and good friends to go out with, I still feel like I don’t yet have the real friends I want to have or a partner to share the goodness  and richness of who I know myself to be and have.


  • afraid to speak to bosses/authorit
  • crouching down when speaking to people in order to be lower than them to appease them
  • saying thing in a muddled, confusing way then people could not understand what I meant to say
  • feeling stupid
  • being degraded, looked down upon
  • being a gopher, slave to everyone
  • having trouble handling finance sheets, understand the system
  • not recognized even when I do good work
  • not heard when I speak, like I don’t matter
  • seen as an odd ball
  • falsely accused to make mistakes I didn’t make
  • taking on too much – exhausted
  • boss not trusting in my abilities
  • some people really not liking me and making my job harder or giving me extra work
  • being pitied

Seems all cleared. My co-workers respect me and appreciate me, even the person who used to be nasty with me.  My next thing to clear are the challenges I will have in my new job position, taking in data, understanding   and remembering new systems and ways to work etc. . . I got one pay raise a few months ago and I am currently in the process of moving from a position of personal assistant/office manager to that of Associate Producer.


  • hemorrhoids – gone
  • face mask –not gone


  • feeling stupid
  • not realizing my potential and true value, what I’m really good at
  • embarrassed about my job position and hiding what I do for work to others
  • not able to face situations or things when they happen, could not voice how I felt
  • frequent feeling of impending doom
  • fear that people are having negative feelings toward me or are angry with me
  • fear of doing something wrong
  • feeling sad
  • giving my power away to easily

These feelings of lack of self worth have vanished in regards to work and myself as an individual, although I am still learning to take this into relationship aspect of things.  No more feelings of impending doom. I have really reclaimed much space for myself . I now have a very strong sense of self no longer looking to others for confirmation or acknowledgment.  I regularly challenge myself to see and do things that may take me out of my comfort zone only to find they are empowering.

Huge panic attacks for 4 years

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

This is a testimony from a French Client, who had been suffering from panic attacks for over 4 years and was near permanently medicated when she started working with me

My first anxiety attack came suddenly

In July of 2003, I had my first anxiety attack (I didn’t even know they existed!), very suddenly, at a time I moved to a new place. My symptoms were

  • heart palpitations almost strong enough to make me faint
  • huge knots in the stomach
  • uncontrollable shaking, trembling
  • electric jabs every time I started falling asleep
  • gigantic fears of dying, of having an incurable disease.

I could do nothing else but stay in bed for a month and I did not eat anything at all for the first two weeks. I took medicine but I was afraid to take it. I was terrified that if I succumbed to the narcotics, I would not wake up, therefore I could not sleep. It was a really TERRIBLE experience.

After that first one, others kept coming

After that first episode, I noticed that every single time something in my life would be in the slightest upsetting (a move, a break up, some disappointment, a little accident), I would have another panic attack a few days after the upsetting event. These attacks became more frequent and sometimes stronger. Anything would trigger them.

I was overwhelmed with huge fears of dying because I could not eat for days at a time and would lose weight. If I managed to sleep, panic would be waiting for me the very second I woke up, before I had the time to think about anything…

I was so bad off I had nothing to lose

This lasted until November 2007, when a friend urged me to work with Maya. I was a bit suspicious at first, I had never done anything like this, but I was so bad off that I had nothing to lose. I couldn’t go on the way I was, and medicine did not make my life better.

Doing “clearing focuses” with Maya

When I had my next panic attack , Maya gave me my first focuses to do (I am French and am not very good at speaking English but I still did the focuses in English). It was hard to believe they would do anything, but I was ready for anything. I did not go to work for a week while we were clearing what was causing those panic attacks. It was quite horrible to be in those symptoms yet again. But after a few days, when I read on the internet all the side-effects of the medication I was taking, I suddenly decided to stop taking my medicine…and I was surprised that I didn’t feel worse!

I went back to work and things settled down little by little. Within a month of doing various focuses, I stopped having panic attacks completely. Smaller symptoms were present for a while , which provoked “fears that my symptoms were starting all over again” but we took care of those too. I only took a mild anxiety medication again once for a few days. Now I have stopped completely for 9 months.

Now, I am a different person

Now, a year later, those horrible years are simply a bad memory:

  • A couple of months ago, I got into a small car accident. Usually, this was sure to bring on a panic attack. But I just had a very mild stress reaction for a day after.
  • A few weeks ago, my boyfriend left me for no reason of my own fault. I was expecting a huge reaction because I really liked him and was very disappointed, but I am surprised I took the whole event so well: I could cry and be sad but I didn’t go overboard and had no physical symptoms of anxiety, I could still eat and sleep well.

I am not the same person as I was a year ago. I am surprised to see myself reacting differently and even making choices that I would have never made before.

I feel so much better and I thank Maya so much for her help. I wonder why not more people do this type of work…When I remember how much I suffered, I can still cry about it, but I also shed tears of joy, because it’s so worth it to be where I am today… Now that I am better, I have other issues I want to work  on, which took the backseat for so long… we’re focusing now on relationship and empowerment issues….I know I will resolve them with Maya’s help.

Sylvia C, agricultural scholarship specialist, France
(translated by Maya)

Honoring Vivian Squires, my very first client

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Vivian, proudly wearing the power ring I made for her. Check to see more of my work

Vivian Squires, 86:

I met Vivian  at the iPEC School of Coaching where she was taking her training with me…at age 83!!

Who goes to school to earn a degree at that age, hey?? But Vivian had done it all except earn a degree so she was ready to go for that one!

A free spirit

Vivian and I instantly connected as we both sensed we shared a sense of rebelliousness and a desire to express ourselves freely.

We were both fortunate when fate picked me as her coach in training. Together, we dared to not follow the coaching rules and affirmed our desire to be unusual coaches.

Together, we dare to learn coaching by breaking the rules

We challenged what we were taught and pushed coaching limits beyond the established rules. Having Vivian as my very first client allowed me to develop my confidence as an out of the box kind of coach so I could be really good at what I do.

Though I have tremendously grown as a coach since those days, Vivian wrote me my very first client testimony, which I treasure…

“The best thing that happened to me at iPEC was that I finally had a coach. Maya asked the right questions, and as I answered, it all came out: ” How could I have accomplished so much, helped so many people and still not feel good about myself?”. I realized that the feeling of being inadequate, not smart enough and not have a degree have been hanging around my neck and strangling me. I was able to share my dreams and my problems with Maya. I don’t know if we followed the rules or not but I do know the results paid off.

Maya, you have helped me and guided me and I know that I can accomplish anything. I am looking forward to hearing the bell ring and I will finally have letters behind my name. I tried giving myself some letters and I wrote Vivian Squires PW. Powerful Woman, but I realized PW could stand for Pitiful Woman. You have made me realize that I AM a Powerful Woman who will soon be Vivian Squires CEC.

Maya, what you have given me is priceless. I know that I will not be able to call you my coach, but I can now call you my friend.”

Vivian is a role-model to all of us

Since her graduation as a coach, Vivian has started and has been running a youth empowerment program called “Pull Your Pants Up”. On Jan 10, 2009, Vivian at age 86 was attacked in her home by a prowler. Even though he deeply slashed her throat and back with a knife, she fought him until he ran away, and called 911 all by herself while blood was pouring out of her wounds!

Vivian is an amazing woman, who changed women ‘s lives in prison by teaching them how to sew and also as a 20 year award-winning leader in Weight Watchers programs.  STILL at her age, she keeps on working ceaselessly at motivating people and touching lives…Right after being attacked, she was saying  “I couldn’t die. I still have too much to do”. Vivian, you are an inspiration to all of us, to become everything we can be so we can benefit ourselves AND as many people as possible…and to never stop doing this. I am proud to know you!

Self-worth in an extra-marital relationship?

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

This is a testimony from a client in Florida, who was looking for men to give her the love and confidence she lacked for herself, and in so doing was creating agonizing co-dependent situations.

I was married and had a lover on the side

I had a husband of 27 years and a current lover of a year and a half. I actually told my husband about “this other guy” who I was falling in love with. Naturally, of course, that created a huge disturbance in our lives. Additionally, I was involved with other men in the past, while married. I figured it was time to “get to the bottom of this.” I was tired of being ‘trapped’ in the sense of not knowing which way to turn.

My lover introduces me to Maya

Ironically, an absolutely beautiful piece of jewelry that my lover gave me was made by Maya and after getting her card indicating she was an empowerment coach, I thought she would be the perfect person to talk to. I confided in Maya about my lover and I. Ironically too, she asked how we were doing via e-mail and that brought up the fact that she could work with me, if I’d like. She told me she had once been in my shoes so the decision to work with her was easy.

I lived in constant anguish

In the current affair, I was just so torn. I still loved my husband, but I loved what my lover did for me. I couldn’t bear the thought of being without either of them. I lied a lot to my husband, and I would be ridden with guilt about the fact that he was hurting so much. I just didn’t know what was right for me to do. I needed both men in my life, and did everything I could to keep on living my double life, but things were more and more stressful and I lived in fear to lose either man.

New awarenesses

Maya made me aware of how damaging all the things I thought, did, or didn’t do actually were – to myself and to everyone else. I became aware of the fact that I didn’t need a man to get what I wanted, nor did I need to do so much for everyone – out of desire for attention or guilt. I also realized that I was just attempting to escape my home life to fulfill a fantasy life.

Working with Maya was at times very difficult , especially when I had to face my huge need for my lover. However, as I started taking my power back, my lover’s real face started to show and I realized little by little that I had been living an illusion of real love with him… I finally completely cut ties with him. Even when he got quite angry with me for doing so, I stood my ground.

Things are different now

I can now walk down the street with more self-confidence. I don’t need a man to compliment me; I love who I am. I have become stronger and speak up for myself more.

I have also worked with Maya on my issues of needing to be attractive to men other than my husband in order to feel beautiful, and of letting them pursuing me sexually and not being able to say no. I can say that THE PROBLEM IS GONE. I have had NO desire to even think about being with another man, or trying to PLEASE another guy!

My husband and I are close once again, and we understand each other better than before. I am extremely happy that this ordeal is over, and that my family has been preserved and is safe.

Maya as a facilitator

Working with Maya was like talking to a best friend or a sister. I could openly discuss everything with her, from sexual experiences, to motherly love, to unpleasant situations. Having her give some of her personal experiences and being so open and honest with me, made me the same in return. I never had to hold back – she knew me, inside and out!

Carolyn K, Florida

Afraid She would not Survive

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

This is a testimony from a German client, who was on the go for 40 years, from morning till night.

I became a workaholic

I’m now 62 years young. Since my early childhood in a Germany recovering from the war, I always felt like I was in a survival mode. This translated in having terrible fears of «not making it», near permanent feelings of stress and becoming a workaholic at adult age. I would always frantically hurry to get things done because I was afraid that I simply would not survive if I didnt do everything  that needed to be done.  ..When I was younger, I didn’t realize too much that it was a problem because this non-stop working attitude allowed me to become a very successful business woman, (the more I did, the bigger my business grew and so I felt it was great) , but when I became aware that I couldn’t stop even when I wanted to (I was starting to have health problems), I decided to work with Maya.

I do not worry anymore

After working with her for a couple of months, it was possible for the first time in my life to release those survival feelings. I now have more trust in myself and in life. The inner knowingness that I can survive under ANY circumstances is an immense relief. I do not worry about surviving anymore. I know I will be ok no matter what happens.

I have learned to be more aware of myself

Maya also made me aware of so many issues I have, which is not always easy to acknowledge. With her, I have learned to take a closer look at how I act and react to the challenges of my daily life. I have learned to acknowledge painful feelings -which I had tried so hard to ignore or push away- and I released a lot of them through «clearing focuses». I actually love to do those focuses because they are a way to use “time for me” in a “good for me” way.The successes I have experienced so far encourage me to keep on working on other issues to create a more aware and easier life for myself.

This is the most effective work I have done to help myself. And I have done a lot: Years of psychotherapy, a life long study of metaphysics, various workshops and self help therapy.

Eva W, self-made business woman, USA-Germany