About The Process

What Do We Do?

With the information you give me, I /we/you  connect to the roots of what is bothering you or limiting you in any way (we deal with ANY  kind of issue. . .)  and we clear what caused it to appear at its point of origin. . .

An imperfect analogy about this work would be to see an issue as an unwanted weed and your entire  past history as the entire earth (I know weeds are  often beneficial, but let’s pretend that, in this analogy, we face a really pesky one). . . Our work  consists in grabbing the issue  by its stem, (observing its visible part in your present life), follow its entry into the ground, (connecting with your past), and  then  pulling it gently out of the depths of yourself  so we get the entire root system out, however tiny.  Once all the roots are out, that weed cannot EVER  grow back! There might be quite a few roots for each weed and quite a few weeds to pull out, but little by little, you will have clear and free soil to choose what to do with.

How Far Do We Go?

We deal with your ENTIRE past history, therefore with past lives also (and more), BUT  we do not do  past life regression -it’s not necessary- , you do  not have to remember any past lives -only happenings in this life will be enough-  and  in fact you do not even have to believe in the very idea of past lives! Belief and faith are totally irrelevant in this process. It does what it says it does regardless of whether you believe it will or not.

How Do We Do it?

The actual resolving of your issues is done through what we call “clearing focuses”,  which you will either do yourself or I will do with you or for you, depending on what you choose or need. What they are and how they work will all be explained to you  on our first informal chat. And I might at some point write some  explanatory articles on this site.

If you choose to not get very involved personally  (the ” Describe Your Issues and Watch ” Option) , I will do all the clearings work  myself (for  an intense period of 10 days), so you will just have to give  me  some details about what you are having trouble with, and  . . . simply wait and  watch how those particular issues shift.  Our interaction will be minimal, a few emails, and you will not have to learn about ‘clearing focuses’ nor ‘do’ them. It’s the easiest way but the least complete, though it can be enough if you just want something specific to be resolved,  and its appearance in your life is fairly recent.

If you choose to commit to this work for  3 months,  (the ” Jumping in ” Option) we will create together a unique client-facilitator team (each one is different) and we will develop a close working partnership. We do this through a combination of  frequent emails  and less frequent phone calls,  constantly adapted to your needs (and the needs of your particular process) at every moment.  You  will share with me the various happenings in your  life and I will  answer and/or ask  more questions.  With this information, I will determine what might have caused the issue and give you the  “appropriate tools (“clearing focuses” ) to use for the weeding job”.

This process is highly interactive, and I am very present and responsive  all along. I take this work very seriously but we do it with as much humor as possible,  even when the “weeding” is a bit tricky…

(especially when it  is…)

You will have at your side a companion ready and willing to discuss and actively explore all aspects of human issues, yours  of course as an absolute priority, but  those of the world in general.

Like  two traveling buddies working together, we often become friends in the process.

What Does it Look Like On a Day to Day Basis?

A Deep Clean Up

I  have lived and experienced (still do every day) the nature and quality of this process and  I have measured  its  effectiveness on myself since 2003, and with clients since 2006, so I am starting to know pretty well what I’m talking about (though the more I know, the more  I realize how little I actually do know!).

The following is only valid if you choose the “Jump In” 3-month min. option.

What I offer you is a true adventure into your own deepest psyche. Like all adventures, things can be calm for a while and then exciting, sometimes even difficult or a bit scary. . . only to end up becoming  incredibly beautiful, like the sunny weather after a storm. At all times,  I will be very present in a very real way and you will always be perfectly safe. Also, everything you live will feel very familiar to you because we will be traveling into your  own personal history (starting from what happens to you on a day to day basis). As we travel, study and analyze, we will simply  do a major and detailed ‘clean up’  of what we encounter, using  mostly custom-made  ‘clearing focuses’, completely adapted to your particular issues.

 A Very Individual Process

Because of who you are, your openness or your difficulties to be open, your personal interests,  your reactions, your likes and dislikes etc…our relationship will be unique and what I will share with you will be custom-tailored to who you are.

Also, as your history is unique to you, so this process will be, and therefore your experience of it compared to other clients.

The aim of  this work is not to lead you to  some universal-looking  ascension or enlightenment achievement. It is to get you back to you, with your own unique skills and preferences, with your own specific  heritage,  so that you are as free as possible to make the choices you want, unhampered by past reactions, painful memories or outdated  vows or promises.

If you want to read about some of the issues I  personally cleared doing this work,

please go to the next page :  Healing Examples